Opportunities, Inc. Expands Mission – Advanced Fulfillment & Training Center

August 25, 2021
Monday, August 23, 2021, Opportunities, Inc. will open its clean climate-controlled state of the art Fulfillment & Training Center located at 100 East Blackhawk Drive, Fort Atkinson. It will offer training and career advancements for people interested in order processing, picking, and packing, light industrial, shipping, receiving, and warehousing. Recruitment is underway for individuals with diverse abilities, especially those with life challenging circumstances, looking to commit to a 40-hour work week with the goal of advancing skills in a mission driven organization.

Opportunities, Inc. is committed to comprehensive training and advancement tracks to find hidden skills, develop confidence, personal responsibility and build a dynamic team. Full time, competitive wages with a $100 weekly attendance incentive is being offered. Packaging, Assembly, Pick, Pack, and various other specialized fulfillment industry positions are available.

With a unique community focus, it is the goal of the Opportunities, Inc Fulfillment & Training Center to advance a diverse workforce and expand mail order alternatives for an increasing customer base that engages in on-line ordering through large retailers and ecommerce sites. Opportunities, Inc. has spent nearly a decade preparing to be the local fulfillment solution for the global market and during the pandemic has advanced capabilities in this growing industry.

For more information on the Opportunities, Inc. Fulfillment and Training Center, please contact Robin Kennedy, Vice President Mission Advancement 1.800.314. 4567 ext. 3015 or email info@oppinc.com.